Elite Training Center

The Elite fitness Spirit

At Elite Training Center we strive hard to reach new personal heights in fitness and mind, which is why we work every day to further perfect our training methods and abilities. We provide you with specialized trainers in many schools of fitness, so you know your always performing and elevating yourself at the best possible rate.


Welcome to the Elite Team

Elite Training Center is home to one of the largest fitness communities in the heart of Sukhumvit, with over 50 stations of cutting-edge fitness technology, a wide range of classes, and certified fitness coaches who will drive you to reach your fitness goals.


Originally practicing Muay Thai boxing in France as a fitness lifestyle, our founder Cedric Gautier fell in love with the art of 8 limbs on his Asia tour in his previous career as a DJ and TV Host. As his love and passion for the sports and the fitness and wellness industry evolved, Cedric chose to invest into it and acquired the facility which is now called Elite Fight Club and Elite Training Center.